08 July 2013

Choose One from Column A and one from Column B, then I'll complain because you chose one from B ....

My credit union issues a credit card, which earns me CU Rewards points. I thought I'd use some of those points to rent a car for an upcoming trip.

I just sent the following rant via their contact form:

Your page to redeem points for car rentals has a serious design flaw: it has separate blanks for locations to pick up and drop off car, but if you actually put different values in them, the page resets itself and an error message declares, "Pickup and drop off locations must be the same." If so, WHY DO YOU HAVE TWO BLANKS THAT ALLOW TWO DIFFERENT SELECTIONS?

And why does EVERY field reset itself, forcing me to laboriously re-enter the DATES of the rental? How does that help anyone?
I'm no genius, but I'm a way, way better designer than that. Twits.

Their password reset form does not work. It has not worked for at least three years and they have done nothing to fix it. If you call their help line they tell you to use the "forgot login" form instead, since it also lets you reset your password.

Their web people get paid, quite possibly more than I make.


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Bob Dively said...

Financial services websites are the worst, particularly smaller outfits. It's baffling, but they just have no interest in providing something that works. For example, my bank does not have available balance information on their website and actually includes unavailable monies in my current balance. I wrote a letter to the bank president explaining why this was obviously wrong and bad, and they sent me back a letter claiming that it's a feature not a bug. Bonkers.

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